The Little Bird VI

enum Event {

fn inspect(event: &Event) -> String {
match event {
Event::Flying => return “Fly”.to_string(),
Event::Wanting => return “Want”.to_string(),
Event::Saying => return “Say”.to_string(),

fn main() {
println!(“The Little Bird VI”);
let fly = 6i32;
let event = Event::Flying;
for n in 1..=fly {
if n == 2 {
println!(“Did I say I want to fly”);
} else if n == 3 {
println!(“(Yes you did say {0})”, inspect(&event));

println!(“I want to fly”);
println!(“\nBut the sky is high”);
println!(“\nMaybe I don’t want to fly.”);
println!(“\nI only want to say \”I want to fly\””);



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Lin Cheng

Founder of Great Idea Technology🧘🏻‍♂️ 20 years+ meditation. 🏋🏻 5 years+ workout. 🥥 2 years+ keto diet. ❤️ Learning TAO/道. London, UK